Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2007
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"Evil" Dan can't wait to taste that peach!


After our tour of the battlefield we were ready to get into the local orchards.  We all hopped into our Deloreans and head down the road to "Battle Field Orchards" to do some peach and nectarine picking!
The day was perfect to be outside, and we leisurely walked through the orchard and picked out some of its beautiful ripe fruit.
It wasn't hard to get seemingly lost in the rows of trees as we darted from side to side looking for the perfect fruit to pick.   After a while the orchards were buzzing with the laughter of the DMA members (everyone else was busy admiring the 20 Deloreans in the parking area)

Hold on a many peaches are we picking!?

Carole McMullan shows us the new fashion for 2007.  Peach earrings are all the rage!

Frank Ehrisman and Ryan Brandys can't wait any longer, and dig into their peaches as soon as they pick them
"Order Karen now, and we will ship her to you FREE for a limited time in this special cargo box!"

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