Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2007
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Rule number one of peach picking:  "Please don't eat any peaches in the orchard area.  You must pay for your peaches first."
OK...  Yeah right...  This was a tough rule to follow!
The peaches and nectarines at Battle Field Orchard were so good looking, it wasn't long before someone had to taste one.   They were so delicious, that most of us wound up buying more then we originally intended because we enjoyed the flavor so much!   The real problem was that its gets hard to fit a huge bag of fruit into the limited amount of space in your Delorean when you have packed it with other items for the day/weekend.

 Stephen and Ruthie Card have picked a "sizable" bucket full of Peaches and Nectarines

Denise Henrie (a.k.a the future Mrs. Heon) carefully searches for the "Perfect Peach"
"One of these things is not like the others..."
Our lineup of cars had many spectators when we first arrived at orchard picking peaches.
Kevin Abato is excited to begin the driving tour!
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