Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2007
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With peach picking completed, it was time to set off for the "Fun Run" part of the day.  Tom Sweeny and his wife were kind enough to map out a wonderful drive that took us all through the scenic areas of central NJ.
The driving tour was approximately one hour in length and took us past farms and fields bursting with summer time colors.
The final destination on our drive was "Turkey Swamp Park".  Even though it has the word "swamp" in the name, the park was very beautiful.  The DMA had reserved the picnic pavilion at the park and while our members were driving, our magical "DMA fairies" were hard at work getting lunch ready!



Mike Heon doesn't need to fuel up.   He just puts a few peaches into his Mr. Fusion and is ready to go!


Greg Daly is ready to hit the streets and see the scenery

All lined up!  Hey Tiffany...Where is YOUR Delorean?

On the road....

What is that in the rear view mirror!?  It's a Delorean Time Machine with Mike Heon at the wheel giving us the peace sign!  Out of all the cars in our caravan, this one surely got the most looks and attention during our drive.

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