Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2007
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Dave Delman needs to make an emergency roadside repair.  Tom Sweeny assists.

After our drive, we arrived at park to a delightful spread of grilled foods, chips, drinks, and many other goodies that had been set up by the magical DMA Fairies (Shari, Cheryl, Karen, and Tiffany).
Everyone was hungry and dug right into the food and chowed down.
As everyone enjoyed the feast, we laid out the raffle prizes and sold tickets.  This year we expanded our raffle with some new DMA merchandise and artwork that was Delorean related.  We also worked with automotive manufacturers like "Mothers", "Lexol", and "Eagle One" who kindly donated great items for us to raffle off.

The group poses for a photo

"BCKNTYM"  or "BKNTYM"  Were competitive here in NJ when it comes to custom plates.

   Stephen Card shows off a new DMA item that was raffled off at the event.  The DMA garment bag!

Anthony Giallombardo and his son Anthony get ready for the raffle while enjoying the the events at the park

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