Delorean Mid-Atlantic Summer Fun Run 2007
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After all of the official events had concluded, members were invited to hang out as long as they wanted and enjoy the rest of the afternoon at the park.  Some people choose to chat at the pavilion, while others either gathered around cars in the parking lot and discuss "tech talk".
Later in the evening, Marc Levy was kind enough to invite those who were still in attendance back to his house to play in his 1980's style arcade.
We decided that playing video games, and ordering some pizza would make for a good impromptu "Dinner plan".


Everyone enjoys a good time as the raffle items are given away.  Note how creative we got with placing Marc Cram's  Delorean Tattoo (on his forehead!)

Kevin Abato demonstrates a DMA hat that will let anyone "look as cool as 'Evil' Dan"!

Ruthie Card digs into some dessert


Harold McElraft chats with fellow members while relaxing at the pavilion
Everyone enjoys classic 80's video games at the "Levy Land Arcade"

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