LBI Holiday Parade

Ship Bottom, New Jersey

Written by: Marc Levy

On December 4, the stainless was out in Long Beach Island! This well know summer vacation destination on the New Jersey shore becomes like any other small town after all of the tourists are gone for the winter. Our Vice President, Gary Gore made arrangements for the holiday event. The idea was to get as many DeLoreans as we could to the local Christmas parade, then grab a late lunch and get everyone home at a decent hour. Out of town visitors could enjoy an evening in Atlantic City, and get an early start on Saturday morning.

We were set to meet at a shopping mall at 10AM to head over to the parade lineup area. Although the parade was not scheduled to start until 1PM, this is a popular event and is set up FIFO. Get there early leave early, so we could grab lunch before it became dinner.

A funny thing happened on the way to the parade! I got a call on my cell phone from Miss "DeLauren," frantic that her car was on fire. On closer inspection, she realized she just had a flat tire. So, I turned around to head back north to help her out.

Amazingly, we were able to get the car to a local tire shop, get 2 new tires, and back on the road to Long Beach Island! To avoid anymore potential excitement, Lauren opted to leave her car in a lot there instead of driving it all the way to the parade.

Lauren and I arrived just in time! We pulled up and there was a spot saved for us (Thanks!). By the time we finished telling the blown tire adventure, we were ready to head out on the parade route.

With Rob and Debbie Grady taking the lead in the famous "green car", 6 DeLoreans followed down the main street waving to onlookers who were excited to see our cars. In attendance was Rob & Debbie Grady, Mike Deluca, Gary & Jennifer Gore, Harold McElraft, Marc Levy, Lauren Reilly, Tom Grippenburg, and Steve & Lillian Wagner. 7 DeLoreans total were in the parade.

After the parade, we made a quick "potty break" stop at Gary's house. While we were there, we got a tour of the house, and various DeLorean items which decorate it. There was some discussion on having a summer cook out hosted by Gary and Jennifer, something to look forward to for next year.

Saddle up, we took a short drive to a local pub style restaurant. Proof that sometimes simple is better. The atmosphere was great, and the food excellent. The prices were VERY reasonable too. Not that it mattered, because Tom surprised us by treating us all to lunch. THANKS TOM!

Small, one day, events like this are always fun. Based on the participation for this event, there is opportunity to plan more like this. I look forward to next year when maybe we can get more participation in local car shows and cruise nights. If any club members would like to plan something like this, go ahead and do it! You don't need to ask permission.

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