April 27 - 29, 2018

Spring Social

Salisbury, Maryland

Written by: Jerry McClymont

I would like to thank everyone who made our 2018 Spring Tech Day a success! Thanks to everyone who made the long trek to Maryland and we're sorry that we missed the others who were not able to attend. We had 30 people and 14 DeLoreans in attendance.

On Friday night, four of our members took a pass down the dragstrip at US 13 Dragway and managed to wind up their cars up to speeds achieved by a Prius. We had members cheering us on from the stands along with the typical Back to the Future cracks while the breeze from our cars wisped through their hair.

While this group of members was at the track, another group spent the evening out eating some local cuisine, which included crab cakes, one of Maryland's specialties!

Saturday morning came as a beautiful day for our event. We all caravanned to Peninsula Total Car Care for what would be a nice relaxing tech day. Throughout the morning, donuts and coffee were served, cars were inspected, and conversations and fun were had by all. Lunch was catered by Adam’s Taphouse (formerly Adam's Ribs) with a selection of North Carolina style BBQ! The day continued as more cars were inspected and doors were aligned by Tom Sweeney and Marc Levy from Tom's Garage. Small projects went on in the parking lot as door strikers were aligned, Matt Aligners installed, and people showed off the newest additions to their cars.

In lieu of a merchandise and parts raffle, the officers raffled off a 50/50 with the winnings to be for a gift certificate to the winner's DeLorean vendor of choice. Shari Deutsch won the 50/50 and chose DeLoreanGo, They were able to sweeten the pot and provided a little extra for a $200 value gift certificate! Thanks DeLoreanGo!

After the tech part of the day, we all loaded up to have dinner at Abbott’s Grille on Broad Creek, about 15 minutes from the hotel. Dinner was a buffet with options for everybody. Great conversations ensued, and we ended the evening by announcing the new officers. Congrats to Daniel Scarpati who will be joining the crew as our new secretary!

On Sunday morning, a few people split off to head to Ocean City before heading home. A small group went to visit the boardwalk and see the Lifesaving Museum at the inlet. However, that morning, we had our first and only DeLorean casualty, a club member's car would not start or hold a charge. In typical 'DeLorean family' fashion, the group worked for a few hours to diagnose the problem and install a new alternator so they could be happily on their way. The rest of the group was on it's way to Ocean City to cause some chaos, I mean set a few lap records at Speed World for some go-kart racing ;)

After attending, I feel that all were pleased with how smooth, fun, and relaxed this event was. Thanks again for attending and supporting our great DeLorean community! Here’s to our next event, the Summer Fun Run 2018! Special thanks to Daniel Scarpati for capturing the fun in the video below!

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