August 5 - 6, 2006

Summer Fun Run

Milton, Pennsylvania

Written by: Kevin Abato

This year's Summer Fun Run was planned and hosted by DMA member Mark Schearer. Mark approached the DMA officers in the early spring with a concept of having the Fun Run near his home in Central PA, and to also extend invitations to members of the DeLorean Owners Association(DOA) and host the event for both clubs. The club officers agreed that it was a great idea and let Mark take the reigns. Mark had never hosted and event before, but he and his wife put on one heck of a weekend for us!

Mark also had the assistance of Sascha Skucek in planning the days events and laying out a great fun run agenda. The day started off with a meeting point in central PA about 20 minutes from Mark's house. Sascha and Mark arrived to find 12 DeLoreans in attendance and ready to roll on our short drive through the country side! It wasn't long before we were all in our cars and riding down the local streets on our way to Milton, PA. As always we turned quite a few heads as our caravan passed by all the local homes and businesses.

When we arrived at Mark's house, we realized that he pretty much enslaved his entire family to help him out with cooking, prep work, setting up, etc. Apparently they didn't seem to mind and were in "shock and awe" as a line of DeLoreans rolled into the driveway and started to park on the property. They could not believe they were seeing so many at one time on the Shearer property! They were excited and rushed right up to start looking at the cars and asking all of us questions (which we were more than happy to answer for them!).

Then something strange happened... we smelled... FOOD!!!

Yes... Food glorious food! Mark's wife and family cooked up such an awesome spread of food that we must have each put on several pounds that day alone with everything we consumed. Hats off to the Shearer family... they not only know how to entertain their guests and make them comfortable, but also know how to fill their guest's stomach.

As we ate, recent copies of DeLorean World Magazine were being passed around and there were many re-cap discussions of the DCS 2006 show in Chicago.

After filling our bellies and shooting the breeze, we were treated to a tech session by Sascha on differences between his Pilot car, and a production DeLorean. Mark pulled his DeLorean up close for the side by side comparison as Sascha carefully detailed all of the differences in his car (outside of the fact that it is painted black) to our production ones. Many interesting differences were small body styling and layout changes to the interior. Upon first glance to the casual observer the car would almost seem to be the same, but Sascha's detailed overview pointed out many interesting design concept that were eliminated from the final production run of the DeLoreans we all know and love.

One of the cars in attendance had not been driven in a while since its owner had been very busy lately. They also had not gotten a chance to clean it before coming to the event and it was a little dusty (to say the least). We decided it was our obligation as DeLorean owners to make sure this car looked its best, so without further adieu, we busted out the hose, sponges, soap, and other cleaning supplies for a full scale cleaning and detailing session. This car was going to get an extreme makeover DMA style! It wasn't long before we realized the fact that if there was a hose and water present, we should have swimsuits on.

Later in the day we held one of our usual raffles. Again we want to thank DMC Houston and P.J. Grady for donating such great items for our raffle!

As the day started to draw to an end, we continued to hang out at Mark's house (hey... we warned him we are a hard crowd to get rid of!) Fun discussions went late into the evening until we decided it was time to go find some ice cream. There was an ice cream shop next to our hotel, and that seemed to make the most sense. We thanked Mark and his wife for a great day and took off to get some dessert and call it a night. The next day several of us were off to Macungie, PA for the HUGE (we kid you not... it's HUGE) annual car show.

Sunday's car show at Macungie proved to be quite a blast. Although we are not posting any photos from the show, it truly is something that you need to experience first hand at least once. Special thanks to Gary Gore and Dave Teitelbaum for recommending this event to us. There are literally THOUSANDS of cars on display with many clubs proudly displaying their members' cars. The DMA was proud to have several of our cars on display, and they attracted quite a crowd of onlookers. Hope to see you all at the 2006 Fall Tour in October!

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