August 12, 2017

Summer Fun Run

Hunt Valley, Maryland

Written by: Derrin Ruschell, Photos by: Jordan Polites

The 2017 Summer Fun Run took place in Maryland, northwest of Baltimore. The morning started off at the Hunt Valley Horsepower Cars and Coffee in the parking lot of the Hunt Valley Towne Center. We had our own section of the show reserved for us, which attracted quite a bit of attention. We walked around and saw the gorgeous cars and ate breakfast at one of the many places to eat in the Towne Center.

Once the cars and coffee had finished, we had our driver's meeting and departed. We made our way along some backroads and travelled through the Liberty Reservoir. There, our line of DeLoreans was surrounded by trees and beautiful scenery.

Eventually, we made our way to our lunch stop at Linganore Winery/Red Sherman Farm Brewery. There, we were given a complimentary tour of the winery. We also participated in a festival they were hosting that day with wine and beer tasting and many different food vendor trucks. There was plenty of food and no shortage of refreshments to help keep us cool during the summer heat.

Once lunch was over, we headed north to see the largest privately owned collection of Pontiac GTOs on the east coast. Gary Cave of Gary's Goats is the owner of the collection and graciously let us take a look at it for a couple of hours. The GTO is significant because John DeLorean is largely credited for the creation of the 1964 GTO, which started the "muscle car era" of the late 60s and early 70s.

He has a two-story garage. On the first floor, one half is a dedicated work area with a lift and many tools. The other half has GTO parts all along the walls, all organized and labeled, with cars waiting to be worked on parked in the main area of that side. There is a room in the corner that has memorabilia and a small lounge.

The second floor of the garage is home to a collection of very original or restored cars, several of which are one of fewer than ten made. There are around 40 GTOs parked in there. We were able to drive one of our member's DeLorean into this area and take some photos of John DeLorean's creations.

There is also an area of the yard that resembles a salvage yard with a few GTO parts cars parked there. One of our members discovered the engine of one of those cars was one that John DeLorean designed during his time at GM, an overhead cam 6 cylinder. They are uncommon, since most people opted for the V8, so seeing one of these was a treat.

Some left Gary's a bit early, but those of us who stayed at Gary's until it was time to go to dinner were racing a storm. While talking with Gary, we looked out onto the rolling hills around his place and saw a rainstorm coming right towards us. It caught us about a minute from his place. Luckily, we got ahead of it and stayed ahead of it on our way to dinner.

We had dinner at The Corner Stable in Cockeysville, a locally owned restaurant. Their signature entree, called "the Showstopper" and consists of a full rack of ribs, and a half pound crab cake, was featured on The Food Network. It did not disappoint! Attendees were able to order whatever they wanted off of their menu and no one left hungry!

It was a great event full of many opportunities to drive our DeLoreans through some scenic roads, learn more about John DeLorean's car creations, experience some great local food and drinks, and enjoy our time with the DMA family.

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