2020 - 2021

Virtual Events

As 2020 was an unprecented year, the club was at a cross-roads on how to handle our event format during a pandemic. The health and wellbeing of our members is priority, so we made the decision to host a virtual event format until stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions would be lifted.

The camaradery and social atmosphere is what makes our club unique, so we kicked off our format with trivia and general 'happy hour' social time. Soon to follow were guest speakers featured for each month. Below, you can find the recordings for each of our guest speaker virutal sessions thanks to Kevin Abato and Daniel Scarpati. Please enjoy!

Bill Fitts - Original DeLorean Dealership Owner

For our July 2020 event, Bill shares his experience running a DeLorean dealership in the 1980s in New Castle, PA, including how he first heard about DeLoreans in the 70s, what made him decide to become a DMC dealership, what the initial sales process was like, meeting John DeLorean, and the warranty and parts process during the fall-out of the company.

Manson Cheung - DeLorean Hot Wheels 3D Modeler and Designer

For our September 2020 event, Manson shares his experience working at Mattel, the process behind creating the DeLorean model, and all the fanfare around the promotion.

Stuart Craven – Gold DeLorean Project Lead

For our November 2020 event, Stuart shares his unique behind-the-scenes perspective on what it took to create the gold-plated stainless steel panels. The 24-carat gold DeLorean was created for the American Express Christmas Mail Order Catalogue promotion.

Wolfgang Hank – Owner of Deloman Workshop in Germany

For our January 2020 event, Wolfgang showcases his new Team Deloman workshop – sharing the tools and technologies used to work on DeLoreans, and project cars along the way. Wolfgang is well known for his work keeping many DeLorean Club Deutschland cars on the road, the famous DeLorean World Tour, as well as working on many unique restoration projects such as a Race Track ready Delorean, Gold Delorean, AZ-1, and most recently, Pilot 21.

John Dore – Owner of Stainless Steel Master Panels from Lapple

For our March 20201 event, John shares the history behind the Lapple company who was responsible for producing the original stainless steel panels for the DeLorean. John acquired the door skins and t-roof master panels from Michael O'Leary, the original press shop manager in Ireland at Lapple. John shares with the history of Lapple's involvement with DeLorean Motor Company, the process used to stamp the panels, and the door skins and t-roof panel samples in his garage.

Terry and Oliver Holler's Time Machine - A Drive to Cure Parkinsons

Terry and Oliver Holler join us for our Dec 2021 virtual DMA event to share their adventures traveling the world supporting Parkinson research and the Michael J. Fox Foundation to raise awareness and spread timeless joy with their DeLorean Time Machine replica. Relive some of Oliver and Terry's greatest moments and the origin as one of the first hand-built Time Machines!

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